All of our corner guards can have one or more of three options added prior to purchasing; these are: Holes, Stiffening Bends, and Peel and Stick.  We will discuss these here.


All of our corner guards have the option to have mounting holes added. Our 48" tall corner guards have 3- 3/16" (.1875") holes per side whereas, our 96" tall corner guards have 4- 3/16" (.1875") holes per side.

Stiffening Bends:

        Some of our customers prefer to have stiffening bends (or cants or wings by our competition) down each side of their corner guards.The drawing below explains these on a typical 2"x2" 16 gauge corner guard. The stiffening bends are 15 degree bends that are placed at 1/2" (.5") from the edge of the corner guard.

Peel and Stick:

All of our corner guards can be ordered with double sided tape on them for a peel and stick application.  This tape is durable enough to last for decades and makes installation a breeze.

To add any of these options to your order, just use the drop down boxes on the order page.