If this is your first time purchasing something made from stainless steel, there are a couple things that you should first know in order to compare "apples to apples"; these topics are: Gauge and Type.


Gauge refers to the thickness of the stainless steel. Like wire, the thinner the metal, the higher the gauge is. For instance 20 Gauge is .036 inches thick where 14 gauge is .079 inches thick.   You'll see our competition offering 22 gauge corner guards for sale, in our opinion, anything thinner than 20 gauge is too thin and is going to dent too easily. We wouldn't want it in our facility, so we aren't going to offer it for yours either.


Like most other metals, stainless steel comes in a variety of different alloys or "types."  You'll notice in our online store that all of our stainless steel corner guards are "type 304", this is a great alloy that balances between being cost effective and being corrosive resistant. Some of our competition uses "type 430" stainless steel in order to seem more cost effective, but there are some downfalls to this. Type 430 has so little nickel and chromium in it that it will actually rust over time. Again, this is something that we would not want in our facility, so we do not offer it to our customers.